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Should you buy .stl files for 3D Printing? Gambody T-60 Fallout Power Armour 3D Print Review

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In this video I'll go through my experiences in 3D Printing the T-60 Power Armour model available from , an online marketplace for 3D Printable .stl files.

Should you buy files online for 3D Printing? Was the model "High-poly, amazingly detailed and absolutely error-free 3D // optimized for all types of 3D printers."? Better watch the video...

Link to the model tested -

Full disclosure: Gambody send a code to download this mode for free in return for a video review describing my experiences - all opinions expressed are my own.

The models were printed at 0.2mm layer heights at the provided scale using Simplify3D for slicing and the 3D Printer used was the Original Prusa i3 Mk2. The filament used was a custom blend of Grey PLA.


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  • Brian Taylor Banned Added Hello guys!
    Firstly, we would like to thank Angus for the unbiased review! We will consider all the comments and ask our contributing 3D designers to take them into consideration before uploading their STL files to our marketplace.
    Here’s our summarized answer to the video review:
    1. The layer height in 3D printing plays a significant role. You 3D printed the model at 0.2 mm, while we recommend and even 3D printed model at 0.1mm layer height.
    2. The support structures are also very important. You disregarded the settings for support structures and printing recommendations that are available on the model's page. That's why your 3D model looks the way it looks.
    3. Another important role in the quality of the 3D printed model is played by the cooling system of the 3D printer during the actual 3D printing of a model. In case of poor cooling, streaks and burrs are formed. Here is a good review of such an issue, where one and the same 3D model is printed with the cooling system turned on and off -
    4. Regarding the use of too much printing material for the platform – indeed, it would have been better to split the platform into 2-3 parts for an easier printing and less printing material use for support. However, the author said that he left it in a single part because he wanted to get a cleaner printing result of the outer shell. This argument is logical for this model, because the platform is built to hold the 3D model and it should be strong.
    5. Regarding the models with separate shells – we dealt with this problem back in December 2016. Indeed, some 3D printing slicing software separated our models into shells. To avoid issues with the 3D model for 3D printing, we offer printing recommendations for every 3D model available on our marketplace which, if applied, generate a solid mesh. In late 2016 we found the solution that helped us maintain the models’ quality (high-poly) while the STL file’s size would not increase and the model would be solid, which would ease the 3D printing of a 3D model without additional settings. Starting 1 January 2017, all 3D models uploaded at Gambody are available in solid mesh.
    6. With reference to another moment you raised in the video – the model being ripped off the video game. We thank you for investigating the similarities of the model’s parts with the low poly files from the video game. We will thoroughly check the files of our authors, but as a rule, they use only reference materials. With the video below we want to show you and your subscribers an example of how a 3D model for 3D printing, uploaded on Gambody, is created:
    You can download and read Gambody’s detailed answer to the video review by clicking the link –
    Also, we have collected all the pictures of 3D printed models the STL files of which you can find on Gambody. Here you can see them:
    P.S. We are a young project that started its activity in late 2015. We value your opinion and the opinion of your audience. We aim at becoming better. That’s why we address video bloggers like you for reviews. We are open to suggestions from all video game fans and 3D printing enthusiasts. You can leave them on our website, or in our Facebook group - or official Facebook page -