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LIX 3D Pen Review! (World's Smallest 3D Printing Pen)

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LIX Unbox and Demo of the WORLDS SMALLEST 3d Printing Pen!
CLICK HERE to buy a Lix 3d pen:
Below is my Pro / Con list. CLICK HERE for my detailed Blog + Coupon Code:

Lix 3d pen Review:

· USB powered which is awesome! Buy a 2 amp rechargeable power supply and you can literally take this pen anywhere! or use a laptop, or a plug. So many options!
· Nice safety feature: If you stop using it for 5 minutes then the pen will cool off on its own.
· Very Quiet. It barely makes any noise which is impressive
· The pen feels comfortable in my hand because it is so thin.
· This pen is awesome for making small things with great detail as the plastic comes out pretty thin.
· Made out of medal shell instead of plastic which is great.
· This pen seems Jamproof so far unless you do something wrong (I jammed I one time because I used the wrong setting)

· I did notice that the whole pen gets very warm if you use it for a long time so working in a cool environment is helpful.
· If you want to create large creations using other 3d printing pens may be better (such as scribbler pens which draw with thicker lines)
· If you do ever have to rip this pen apart from some super jammed plastic is is a little more difficult than other pens (but very doable)
· This pen costs more than other 3d printing pens
· Plastic: buying refill tubes directly from Lix can get pricey (you may be able to buy plastic in bulk) I’ll test that and report back

More Info:
· You get a The Lix 3d pen, a usb and wall charger, 2 tubes of filament (40 strands each), and instructions.
· Available in black or silver
· It uses strands of 1.75mm filament (abs or pla,) which come in cute round tubes.
· This pen is stylish, looks professional, and is thinner than every other 3d pen I’ve tried.
· To start using the pen, hold down one of the buttons. Top for PLA, bottom for ABS. Then wait until the four led lights turn on. Once on you can draw fast or slow by using the same 2 buttons
· Be careful not to touch the tip because it gets very hot!

Overall Feeling:
· If you’re looking for a the latest professional 3d pen that’s super thin and draws with precision, this is it. But you’ll need to pay a little extra for it and be ok with creating smaller creations than you could with other 3d printing pens.
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