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Future Megaprojects - Smart Transportation (Extreme Engineering | Megastructures) Documentary

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Smart transportation
Washington DC is a true traffic nightmare. Commuters waste 150 million hours a year in traffic costing an estimated USD$2.5 billion in wasted fuel and lost time. City planners are out of options. Buses pollute and only add to the traffic mess. And the city can't expand its overworked Metro subway system fast enough to meet demand. But help may be on the way in the form of Personal Pods. It's a high-speed non-stop self-driving transit system that's been the Holy Grail for transportation engineers for half a century. An automated Smart transportation system would rewrite the rules of the road in DC and be a model for new transportation systems worldwide.

With the world getting better and better every second the quest for perfection is at its limit and beyond. The quest of perfection is getting insatiable and there are some insanely big and ambitious projects underway. Here are the mega projects which promise to further enhance the world we currently live in.

With the growth and expansion of the world’s economies there are plenty of large-scale investment projects that are under development currently. Most of these megaprojects of the future consisting of roads bridges skyscrapers airports and tunnels involve massive investment and use of superior technology. The cost of these large projects can run into billions of dollars and the greatest challenge for developing some of these spectacular projects can be to acquire adequate funding. These new methods of transport and infrastructure around different cities have opened up new possibilities for trade and commerce and paved the way for globalization. Let’s take a look at some of the megaprojects of the future here.

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