Extreme Engineering World's Largest Telescope - Megastructures (2018 Documentary)

This Documentary journeys to discover the startling Engineering Connections behind the Keck Observatory - which has seen further into the universe than any other telescope on Earth. He reveals that the Keck Observatory owes its incredible design to an Ancient Greek ritual an early Twentieth Century Russian inventor an American Civil General a break-through in aerial reconnaissance and an attempt to cure Yellow Fever. Hidden in its DNA he finds an ancient technique for lighting a flame a weird sounding musical instrument a sand blaster a Korean Spy plane and a Refrigerator.

Engineering projects around the globe keep getting bigger and more ambitious. there are structures being designed and built that will dwarf anything that has come before. Plans are on the drawing board for projects so huge – not only in scale but in their implications for society – they’re almost beyond imagination. This documentary that eyes the largest construction projects ever imagined – 'Extreme Engineering'.
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Mega Structure
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