Could you kill someone with a 3D printed knife?

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3D Printer Used: Robo 3D Printer @
3D Material Used: Black 1.75mm PLA @
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What's up Nerdgasm fans! For a long time people have been asking me to use a knife in my unboxing videos because I always open boxes with whatever crap I can find laying on my desk that has an edge of some kind. Finally one of my subscribers named John Alves decided to 3D model a custom knife for me with my @Barnacules twitter embossed into the blade! I decided to use a new material I've never used before from called ABS which is the same material that LEGO and many other products are made from. It's a very durable and flexible plastic that has a higher melting point then PLA and is better suited for applications where flexibility is required. After printing the knife I think it would work better if it was printed in a harder plastic like PLA or XT material so I might give that a try if enough people enjoy this video and request a followup.

The thing that surprised me the most about this knife is that it has a vicious point on it and the point didn't wear down even after stabbing a box tons of times. The knife blade also doesn't snap off and bend that much when stabbing. I honestly believe you could actually hunt and kill something with this knife!

I hope you guys enjoy the video, I had a lot of fun shooting this one since it was a custom 3D model created specifically for me and that makes this video very unique. I also was very happy with the end result of printing this knife on the Robo 3D printer with the E3D hot end upgrade and all of my other tweaks I did (see my Robo 3D Tips and Fixes video).

Printed @ 50mm/sec speed on Robo 3D Printer at 0.1mm layer height in 1.75mm Black ABS with 50% infill. This was my first print ever using ABS material and I really like it except for the toxic fumes it gives off. Make sure you run your 3D printer outside or in your garage if you print in ABS just to avoid getting a headache!

Music During Print was Stereo Float - Crashed licensed under creative attribution This show is an independent production of Jerry Berg (aka Barnacules). Opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, friends, or any companies mentioned in the show.

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