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  • 00:28 New Steel Profiles Catalogues

    New Steel Profiles Catalogues

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    The new Steel profiles catalogues for Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Poland, US, India and according to Eurocode are available."Learn more" text link:

  • 00:59 Reinforcement Connectors

    Reinforcement Connectors

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    Reinforcement connectors are family-based and fully customizable, and each team member can use them according to their needs. Rebar connectors interact with the rebar that they connect to, facilitating change management."Learn more" text link: http://www.

  • 01:07 Autodesk Steel Connections for Revit

    Autodesk Steel Connections for Revit

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    Autodesk® Steel Connections for Revit provides access to a variety of parametric steel connections in Revit, enabling connections to be modeled with a higher level of detail. The application also includes a built-in steel connection design engine based on

  • 00:57 MEP Fabrication Layout Improvements

    MEP Fabrication Layout Improvements

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    To help automate the fabrication model layout, the new Route and Fill tool allows you to select two open endpoints of a run and Revit will give you options to connect them."Learn more" text link:

  • 01:37 Structural Connectivity

    Structural Connectivity

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    During the project process from Design to Detailing, there are many discussions between engineer, detailer and fabricator about how to connect the multi-material framing elements like beams, columns, bracings. For cases like that, you can place a structur

  • 00:56 MEP Fabrication Part Modeling Enhancements

    MEP Fabrication Part Modeling Enhancements

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    To help improve the fabrication part modeling layout, you can now model more quickly and accurately with new tools."Learn more" text link:

  • 00:53 Variable Rebar Distribution

    Variable Rebar Distribution

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    To fit rebar for complex shapes, you can use rebar sets that vary along inclined faces."Learn more" text link:

  • 00:54 MEP Fabrication Service Conversion

    MEP Fabrication Service Conversion

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    To prepare a model for detailed coordination modelling and construction, you can now convert design level of detail model elements to construction level of detail elements using the Design to Fabrication tool."Learn more" text link:

  • 00:59 MEP Fabrication Documentation

    MEP Fabrication Documentation

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    The new fabrication documentation capabilities in Revit enables you to document the model layout more effectively. A variety of parameters have been added for scheduling and tagging, and graphical representations have been improved."Learn more" text link:

  • 01:02 MEP Fabrication Hanger Improvements

    MEP Fabrication Hanger Improvements

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    More flexible hanger capabilities have been add to facilitate detailed support planning, including multi-tiered Trapeze hangers, cantilevered elements, and more."Learn more" text link:

  • 01:08 Built-in Dynamo

    Built-in Dynamo

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    Dynamo a visual programming platform is now fully integrated with Revit and provides you with powerful scripting capability without any additional installation."Learn more" text link:

  • 01:04 FormIt 360 Converter

    FormIt 360 Converter

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    FormIt 360 Converter is now provided with the Revit installation, which gives you the ability to continue to work easily with your FormIt designs in Revit."Learn more" text link:

  • 01:36 Global Parameters Enhancements

    Global Parameters Enhancements

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    Global parameters has been enhanced. Now you can associate global parameters with a type property for an element and with instance or type project parameters."Learn more" text link:

  • 00:47 Improved Railing Hosts

    Improved Railing Hosts

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    Now you can host railings on shaped edited floors, roofs, and on the top of walls with a single sketch line."Learn more" text link:

  • 01:25 Improved Software Performance

    Improved Software Performance

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    Revit 2017 has significantly improved Software Performance allowing users to work more efficiently with faster software. Experience significantly improved Revit performance with multiple behind-the-scenes optimizations and improvements to over 100 functio

  • 00:59 Schedule Improvements

    Schedule Improvements

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    Schedules have been enhanced in a few areas. In order to simplify the reuse of schedules, you can create a schedule view template. Schedule view templates include parameters for Fields, Filter, Sorting/Grouping, Formatting, Appearance, and Phase Filter."L

  • 00:39 Tangency Locks

    Tangency Locks

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    Tangency Locks allows you to place tangency locks to sketch lines, and works when in the sketch editor and family editor. It works anytime you are sketching a shape (like a floor, ceiling, etc.)"Learn more" text link:

  • 00:54 Text Editor and Layout Engine

    Text Editor and Layout Engine

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    The new Text Editor and layout engine gives you “What You See Is What You Get” editing and new features to communicate your design. "Learn more" text link:

  • 01:13 Autodesk Insight 360

    Autodesk Insight 360

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    Autodesk Revit 2017 includes access to Autodesk Insight 360 as part of your Revit subscription. Insight 360 provides Revit users with a fast intuitive outcome driven guide to better building energy and environmental performance throughout the building lif

  • 00:52 Autodesk Raytracer Rendering Engine

    Autodesk Raytracer Rendering Engine

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    Autodesk Raytracer is now the only visualization engine in Revit. It is based on physically accurate lights, materials, and reflected light and allow for great visualization with breakneck performance."Learn more" text link: