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BIM Lectures

BIM Lectures

  • 00:43 Free 10 Days Revit / BIM Course - Istanbul

    Free 10 Days Revit / BIM Course - Istanbul

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    Free 10 Days Revit / BIM Course - Istanbul for Turkish Architects and Engineers

  • 19:30 An Introduction to Organisational BIM Performance Assessment - Barcelona 2016

    An Introduction to Organisational BIM Performance Assessment - Barcelona 2016

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    This video covers the "BIM Performance Assessment" presentation at the European BIM Summit held in Barcelona on Feb 18, 2016. The presentation explored two main methods for assessing BIM performance within organisations: STAGED and CONTINUOUS. It also bri

  • 05:01 Definition of BIM

    Definition of BIM

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    This video introduces the term Building Information Modelling. The research-based definition is comprehensive and will be used across all BIM Framework videos.Closed Captions available in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.Download PDF prese

  • 13:56 The BIM Framework, an introduction

    The BIM Framework, an introduction

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    This video introduces the BIM Framework, its principles and goals. It also explains how the BIM Framework is composed of multiple interconnected part, each simplifying a complex topic, identifying a workflow, or delivering a performance measurement/decisi

  • 03:21 The Tri-axial Framework

    The Tri-axial Framework

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    This conceptual model explains the multi-dimensional relationship between the three main components of the BIM framework: BIM Fields of activity identifying domain players, their requirements and deliverables; BIM Stages delineating minimum capability ben

  • 09:17 BIM Fields

    BIM Fields

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    This video explains the BIM Fields model, the first dimension of the Tri-axial Model. BIM Fields refer to all topics, activities, and actors across the BIM domain. The Venn diagram (three overlapping circles) identifies Field Types (Technology, Process an

  • 15:25 BIM Stages

    BIM Stages

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    The video introduces the capability stages separating Pre-BIM (the status before BIM) from viDCO (virtually integrated Design, Construction and Operation) - the ultimate vision from implementing BIM. These 'revolutionary' stages, and the 'evolutionary' st

  • 14:51 BIM Lenses

    BIM Lenses

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    BIM Lenses allow researchers to understand and use BIM Fields and BIM Stages in multiple ways. They achieve this by reducing the complexity of BIM discussions by focusing on a specific topic or by removing unnecessary detail.Download the PDF presentation:

  • 09:00 Capability Steps

    Capability Steps

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    Capability Steps are the incremental milestones separating Capability Stages. This video explains how these steps are derived and how they are distributed in 4 'step sets' and 3 'step types'Download PDF presentation:

  • 09:11 BIM Maturity Index

    BIM Maturity Index

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    BIM Maturity is the gradual and continual improvement in quality, repeatability and predictability within a BIM Capability. This video introduces the BIM Maturity Index (BIMMI) which measures the BIM maturity of organizations/teams and across markets.The

  • 04:53 Macro Adoption Models - Introduction

    Macro Adoption Models - Introduction

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    This video introduces five Macro Adoption models. It first explain what is meant by Macro, what is meant by Adoption, and then provides a brief overview of each model and its uses.For more information about the five models, please refer to this journal pa

  • 07:50 Diffusion Areas

    Diffusion Areas

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    The Diffusion Areas Model clarifies how to measure BIM Diffusion across markets. Rather than just counting how many software licences are sold across a market, this model identifies 9 different metrics by overlaying top-level BIM topics (technology, proce

  • 09:10 Macro Maturity Components

    Macro Maturity Components

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    The Macro Maturity Components model identifies eight components that can be used in 2 ways: (a) measure BIM Maturity across markets when combined with the BIM Maturity Index, or (b) develop a macro BIM diffusion strategy when combined with fixed dates or

  • 04:47 Diffusion Dynamics

    Diffusion Dynamics

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    The Diffusion Dynamics model clarifies how BIM (and other innovations) diffuse across markets through Top-Down, Middle-Out and Bottom-Up dynamics. The model explains how BIM adoption is subject to different types of diffusion pressures: Coercive, Normativ

  • 06:09 Policy Actions

    Policy Actions

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    The Policy Actions model clarifies the three different approaches - passive, active and assertive - a Policy Maker can take to facilitate BIM adoption across a market. These three approaches are then mapped against three typical Policy Activities - commun

  • 06:56 Diffusion Responsibilities

    Diffusion Responsibilities

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    The Diffusion Responsibilities model identifies the nine stakeholder groups that play (or can play) an important role in BIM diffusion across a market. For more information about this model, please refer to BIM ThinkSpace Episode 23:

  • 16:33 Point of Adoption

    Point of Adoption

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    The Point of Adoption (PoA) model combines many of the concepts introduced in earlier videos (BIM Capability Stages, Capability Steps, and Maturity Levels). The PoA model helps to (a) clarify the path towards BIM implementation and diffusion within and ac

  • 55:56 BIM Policy Development - buildingSMART Canada

    BIM Policy Development - buildingSMART Canada

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    The presentation identifies the common challenges facing policy makers as they approach BIM policy development. It then introduces five complementary Macro Adoption Models covering diffusion areas, maturity topics, diffusion dynamics, policy actions and d

  • 1:26:11 Taking Control of Change with Autodesk Vault Professional

    Taking Control of Change with Autodesk Vault Professional

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    In this presentation we will look at how using a purpose-built data management solution like Autodesk Vault Professional can help you take control, we will discuss the key elements of managing change (People, Process, Data) and how a dedicated PDM solutio

  • 14:14 Take The Highroad: In Depth Demo

    Take The Highroad: In Depth Demo

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    From transportation to site planning, water analysis and design, check out all the benefits of the latest Autodesk tools. With improved project management, engineering firms can streamline and optimize the entire transportation design process uniting the